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"If Adam Smith were alive today, he might rely on InvisibleHand for his online shopping... The invisible hand never worked so quickly".
New York Times
31 AUG 2009
"If you're doing some last-minute holiday shopping in the coming days, one extension to try out is InvisibleHand".
"I'm addicted to its unobtrusive, deal-finding prowess".
11 AUG 2009
"InvisibleHand offers one of the most efficient means for [saving money without additional effort]".
30 NOV 2009
"InvisibleHand scours the web for better deals on the products viewed. Its big advantage over comparison websites is that prices are gathered “live”, whereas sites such as Kelkoo and Pricerunner list prices provided by retailers at intervals that may be out of date when you search".
Times Online
13 FEB 2010
"Visit a priced item page at more than 50 U.S. or UK retailer sites, and a subtle drop-down bar informs whether you've got the best price out there".
11 AUG 2009
"When you reach a specific product page, Invisible Hand jumps into action... It will show you how much you could save at another store... You'll never miss out on savings".
Kim Komando
20 AUG 2009
"It is absolutely awesome. This thing is fantastic. Works really really well. Just get it".
Paul Thurrot
27 DEC 2009
"Invisible Hand will definitely make your online shopping activity more intelligent by giving you instant access to the best prices… Great software for online shopping that can potentially save you money from the moment you install it".
Freeware Genius
07 AUG 2009
"I highly recommend installing this browser add-on".
13 APR 2010
"InvisibleHand firefox add on to help you find sweet deals... An easy way to get the good deals to come to you".
23 SEP 2009
"A unique and useful Firefox plug-in… could save you money without the pain and frustration of having to visit price comparison sites".
05 AUG 2009
"Stop paying more than necessary… InvisibleHand uses real-time price technology to discreetly and automatically alert shoppers if a product they have been looking at online is available at a lower price elsewhere".
11 JUL 2010
"This week we tested it on some popular purchases. First, we visited johnlewis.com to browse TVs. When we clicked on the 32-inch Samsung LE32B450C4W LCD HD-ready digital TV, a yellow band appeared at the top of the page telling us we could buy it for £298 on the Pixmania website – £51 less than at John Lewis".
13 NOV 2009
"I have to say it's pretty darn good.... There's almost nothing that's not to like about InvisibleHand. It's free, fast to download and install, and it could save you a ton of money".
17 AUG 2009
"This browser add-on... aims to do your comparison shopping for you".
Smart Money
05 APR 2010
"For all of us who've ever let buyer's remorse kick in as soon as that “Place your order” button is clicked, the InvisibleHand is for you".
MSN Money
11 FEB 2010
"It's not the only tool of its kind, but the devs have made it nicely discreet which makes it more acceptable than most".
11 AUG 2009
"It's simple, stays quiet when not needed and works particularly well for electronics, books, games and DVDs".
"InvisibleHand will save you a fortune".
Essentials (offline)
01 JUN 2010
"The InvisibleHand is an effortless way to compare prices online".
USA Today
25 NOV 2009
"To make life even easier, there is a relatively new tool on the market called InvisibleHand. Whereas the old-fashioned comparison sites rely on feeds from the retailers, InvisibleHand will always find the current price of a particular product. With many retailers changing their prices on a daily basis, this is a big benefit".
Independent Minds
28 FEB 2010
"Invisible Hand is a remarkable piece of software which is lightweight and extremely efficient".
19 JAN 2010
"InvisibleHand is a fantastic tool for those bargain shoppers out there who don't have time to visit every single retail site looking for the lowest price of an item.".
Tech On A Dime
17 JAN 2010
"I cannot think about anything better than that".
26 NOV 2009
"Invisible hand is a must have Firefox Add-on to get the best of the web by making sure you get the best deals all the time".
21 AUG 2009
"[InvisibleHand stellt sicher], dass der Benutzer den aktuell günstigsten Preis für das von ihm gesuchte Produkt erhält und keine veralteten Preisangaben, wie häufig bei statischen Preisvergleichseiten".
23 DEC 2009
"[W]hat makes InvisibleHand awesome is that it's completely automated. Its also fairly well executed. It works mostly in the background and is intuitive and unobtrusive".
21 DEC 2009
"InvisibleHand is quickly becoming a go-to tool for deal hunters".
08 MAR 2010
"If you shop online quite frequently, you should try Invisible Hand — an excellent extension for Firefox and Chrome".
Digital Inspiration
17 DEC 2009
"What can we say? We'd be, well, lost without it".
LearnVest Living
17 FEB 2010
"O InvisibleHand é um add-on que pode instalar no seu browser e que muito discretamente o vai avisando que o produto que está a visualizar numa determinada loja poderá ser encontrado a valores mais apetecíveis noutra loja online e encarrega-se inclusivamente de lhe disponibilizar o link para a página do produto em questão assim como alguma informação adicional".
Web Mania
17 DEC 2009
"[W]e can't help but admire InvisibleHand".
14 DEC 2009
"[InvisibleHand] helps you shop in a smarter way".
19 OCT 2009
"InvisibleHand is one of those few Firefox add-ons that makes a clear difference".
23 SEP 2009
"It's basically like the ultimate coupon, without all the clipping and searching for deals".
01 DEC 2009
"I was pleasantly surprised to see that the item I was thinking of purchasing was $10.00 cheaper on Amazon".
07 OCT 2009
"If you've ever wasted far too much time jumping from retailer to retailer to save those extra four dollars, you'll appreciate InvisibleHand, which automatically compares prices across retailers in an unintrusive tab and provides you with links to competing deals".
12 FEB 2010
"The Invisible Hand add-on for Firefox is an unobtrusive add-on that will notify the user if it knows of an Internet shop that is offering the product for less than the current shop the user is visiting".
06 OCT 2009
"[T]his price comparing plug-in has some serious potential".
09 AUG 2009
"No matter which browser you use, InvisibleHand watches silently and invisibly in the background for you to go shopping. When a product appears on your browser, it lets you know if there's a better price to be had elsewhere".
17 MAR 2010
"[U]nlike other price comparison sites which uses out-of-date product prices, InvisibleHand gets those prices in real-time".
11 NOV 2009
"[InvisibleHand] has decent coverage with some of the major online retailers and household names".
12 AUG 2009
"The add-on responsible for this money-saving magic is called Invisible Hand".
15 OCT 2009
"This makes it a must have extension if you are a consistent online shopper".
17 OCT 2009
"[InvisibleHand] is simply too genius NOT to get jazzed about".
Dan Taylor
21 OCT 2009
"I am not confused any more. I browse with InvisibleHand on my Samsung NC20 from the shopping malls to get the best deals".
08 OCT 2009
"We all know that sick feeling you get when you find something at a lower price than what you've JUST paid. There are zillions of price comparison engines out there, including Shopzilla and PriceGrabber, but [InvisibleHand] is handy because it does more of the work for you".
05 NOV 2009

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